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Venue Address: 16601 North Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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Arizona Bike Week® and the Arizona Bike Week logo are Registered Trademarks. Any Unauthorized Duplication, Display, or Use of Name or Logos is Strictly Prohibited by Law.

Entry Rules

1. Sale position will not be confirmed until entry fee is paid. Unpaid entries will be eligible for cancellation without notice at the discretion of Legends Classic & Vintage Motorcycle Auction ("FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week ").

2. Choice of sale position is based on a first come, first serve basis as entries are reserved. However, FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week reserves the right to alter the placement of motorcycles at our discretion. Auction run times are estimates only, and are not guaranteed.

3. If an auction entry is cancelled within 5 days of the original entry, the fee will be refunded minus a $25 handling fee. After 5 days, no refunds or credits will be issued for cancelled entries.

4. Once a motorcycle is announced and the paperwork is submitted, there will be a $100 service fee if you change motorcycles.

5. Motorcycles with liens must be pre-approved by the auction office and must in all cases be accompanied by a letter from the lien holder stating the lien release conditions and payoff amount. A $100 lien-processing fee will be assessed.

6. FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged properties; or for any and all liabilities. FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week will supply an area for motorcycles that do not reach agreeable selling prices so as to endeavor to secure a proper Purchaser for the Consignor.

7. FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week pays the Consignor when payment is received and confirmed from the Purchaser. In the event of a Wire Transfer, payment may not arrive until the first business day after the auction. Consignor checks are then mailed within 5-7 business days.

8. FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week will not release motorcycle to Purchaser until payment is received.

9. Should either the Purchaser or the Consignor default on any part of the transaction, FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week shall remain entitled to any and all fees and commissions by the defaulting party.

10. FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week is entitled to its commission on any motorcycle sold up to 21 days after said event.

11. FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week shall be entitled to Attorney's fees incurred in the enforcement of this contract.

12. Motorcycles identified as having "matching numbers" may have additional Consignor requirements. Review the "matching numbers" forms for additional information. (Numbers Matching Purchaser Form and Numbers Matching Consignor Form)

13. Positions/lot numbers are the property of FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week and CANNOT be  reassigned by a Consignor.

14. Choice of Law and Venue. This agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, laws of the State of Arizona without giving effect of any choice or conflict of law provision or rule that would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the State of Arizona. The Consignor irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the State of Arizona, Circuit Court of Maricopa County, over any dispute arising out of, or relating in any way, to this agreement or to the transaction(s) to which it relates. The Consignor irrevocably agrees that all claims shall be heard and determined in such court. The Consignor irrevocably waives, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any objection or defense that he, she or it may now have, or come to have, regarding the inconvenience of this forum.

15. The auctioneer has the right to place a bid for Consignor up to the reserve amount. Under no circumstances will the auctioneer place a bid on behalf of the Consignor above the reserve amount.

16. Motorcycles/items must be removed from the auction site within 48 hours of the auction end. They are the responsibility of the winning bidder or, in the case of a no sale, the consignor and if not removed, may be removed and stored at the winner bidder or consignor’s expense. FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week cannot be held liable for the storage, condition, or safety of items if unattended/non-retrieved items are removed.

Sellers Commission: See Position Request Form for commission details.

Warning: Fraud or Misrepresentation by the seller can supersede "as-is" in a court of law. A seller may remain liable for issues with a motorcycle because of misrepresentation or fraud. For example, if you claim "drives like new," "air blows cold," etc. that becomes a guarantee; if you claim one owner; limited production 1 of ??; only year for ---; XYZ Certified; etc., a seller must be prepared to substantiate to buyer such accusations or statements. Claims of "Matching Numbers" are addressed in this document.

1. The actual title is required in advance of the auction.

2. The exception to a title not sent in advance is a title held by a lending institution having a lien. A $100 lien fee will be assessed for any title not presented at the auction.

3. Titles must be negotiable. Dealers must have space on the title to re-assign it. Individuals must have the motorcycle titled in their name. Payment is made to the name on the title. An open title, which is one not in your name, is not acceptable. On non-negotiable titles, funds to the seller will be held until proper title is provided. Any title requiring a correction will be assessed a $100 title correction fee.

4. Seller agrees that he/she is responsible for any previous tax or title obligations on said motorcycle and is responsible to provide purchaser with a proper document of sale.

5. Serial/VIN/ID numbers on entered motorcycles must match Serial/VIN on the title. MOTORCYCLES WITHOUT A VIN OR INCORRECT VIN WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE SALE. Please check your serial number prior to coming to the sale to avoid complications. Our staff can assist you on titles with typographical errors. Homemade VIN's (those not issued or stamped by the manufacturer) may be subject to additional requirements. Entry fees will not be refunded on motorcycles rejected on sale day. If you have any questions regarding this, especially VIN tags or stampings, contact the FX Promotions/Arizona Bike Week office before the auction.
Motorcycle Photography Guidelines

Help Us Maximize the Selling Potential of Your Motorcycle. Submitting high-quality photos helps to promote your motorcycle. High-resolution photos will be used for advertising purposes, including our website, which receives millions of page views per Auction. You are waiving any rights to compensation now, or in the future, as it applies to the use of submitted photos used in any promotional materials.

About Your Photos:
For each motorcycle up to 24 photos* can be included on our website. For most early consignments, submitted photos are also used to create promotional materials including our catalogs, monthly newsletter, brochures, display ads, etc.

The minimum size requirement is 1.5 MB per image. This will ensure quality presentation for advertising in both online and print marketing campaigns. All photos should be submitted as JPGs.

*Make sure that your digital camera is not set with a Time/Date Stamp.

*Polaroid photos, low-resolution digital photos, and photos printed on paper are not acceptable.

Photo Suggestions:

1. Shoot Outdoors: Outdoor photography is the best and preferred method. Indoor photography is acceptable only in a controlled studio setting.

2. Position the motorcycle in an attractive setting free of clutter.

3. Position yourself and the camera with the sun/bright-light source behind you and the motorcycle in front of you.

4. Photograph the motorcycle on pavement whenever possible.

5. Do not crop photos. Allow plenty of space around the motorcycle in the viewfinder to ensure proper display on the website. (16:9 aspect ratio is required to be displayed properly on azbikeweek.com).

6. Lighting: Photos should be taken on a bright day to reflect off the chrome and to show the paint and finish to its fullest.

*See list below for required photos for each motorcycle/item. Remaining photos are at your discretion, up to 24 total.

VIN: For any VIN related questions call 480-644-8191

Lead Shot - Front 3/4 from Drivers Side

Exterior in Profile

Exterior Rear 3/4

Engine from Left Side

Engine from Right Side
Request For Position

* First Name: * Last Name: * Required Fields
* City: * State: * Zip:
* Phone: Cell Phone: * E-Mail:
Dealership Name (if applicable)

* Year:        * Make:       * Model:
* VIN as shown on title:
* Frame Identification Number as shown on motorcycle:
* Engine Identification Number as shown on motorcycle:
* Number of Cylinders:                * Engine Size:
* Estimated Value:            * Estimated Reserve:
Important Motorcycle Points-List a few key points to help us place your motorcycle:
**All claims must be verifiable. Matching numbers require additional forms. Any motorcycle intended for street use (e.g. with a headlamp/taillight) must have a state issued title in the seller’s name.
Follow the guidelines in the "PHOTO GUIDELINES" tab on this page to photograph your bike and email your photos to johna@azbikeweek.com.

$100 per motorcycle
MOTORCYCLE SELLER’S COMMISSION: 5% of hammer price when sold with reserve price.  3% of hammer price when sold without reserve price. Commission only applies if the seller accepts the last bid. ($200 minimum commission) Lien processing fee is $100.

* Credit Card Number * Exp. Date * Code
Card will not be charged until lot is assigned.